How Often Lightbulbs Last and When to Change Them

There are few things more annoying than a lightbulb flickering out when you switch it on — a lot of people aren’t prepared for it, and they often don’t keep spares But by spotting the signs of a fading light bulb, and being prepared with spares, you never need to be without light again.

Posted on: 20 Apr 2015
Posted by: GreenGuru
Stocking up The Custodial Closet

Whether you employ a janitorial and custodial service, or you are responsible for the cleanliness, the hygiene and the safety of your own work environment, you’ll want to make sure that your workplace is stocked with these essential cleaning items:

Posted on: 07 Apr 2015
Posted by: GreenGuru
How to Work With a Facilities Management Company

A facilities management company is the ideal way to ensure that your company’s premises always comes up to standard and that it provides a safe environment for employees and guests. However, in order to get the best out of your relationship with them, you need to know how to work with them properly.

This blog will share some tips on how to work with your facilities management company.

Posted on: 24 Mar 2015
Posted by: GreenGuru
Facilities Management 101

If you want to leave a lasting impression on your customers, your employees and potential business partners, then having a clean and professional environment is a must-have. You don’t want blown light bulbs, cracked floor slabs, flaking paint and plumbing difficulties and you certainly don’t want to risk any health or safety problems either. Tending to all of these by yourself can be difficult, not to mention that it can also cost you a lot of time and money which could be better spent on the more important aspects of your business. That’s why you need facilities management 101.

Posted on: 24 Feb 2015
Posted by: GreenGuru
Environmental Cleaning Tips

An increasing number of people are turning to natural methods of cleaning to help protect the environment; there are many different benefits to choosing the environmentally friendly cleaning option such as the less exposure to chemicals and easily affordable natural products.

Posted on: 29 Jan 2015
Posted by: GreenGuru
Why Hiring a Professional to Keep your Floors Clean Matters

It’s extremely important to keep your floors clean in your businesses building or offices, not only because it’s important to keep germs away and have great hygiene in your building, but because you need to make a great impression with any potential clients who walk into the building. Having a clean and well organized working environment shows others that the company cares about the small things in such a big world. One perception that someone would take away from having clean floors is that the employees working for this company also maintain and keep up with their work in a structured environment.

Posted on: 16 Jan 2015
Posted by: GreenGuru
3 Top Business Cleaning Tips

Is your office an absolute state? Are you struggling to see the floor or desk with all that paperwork, lunchtime wrappers and dust? It’s time to get everything spotless.

Untidy offices lead to a lack of productivity. You spend all this time looking at the problem, rather than tackling the work you need to do. So it is time to tackle the mess and then move on from there. Here are three effective business cleaning tips, so it doesn’t have to take all day.

Posted on: 02 Jan 2015
Posted by: GreenGuru
Pondering the Five Second Rule…..

I was originally ignorant to the term; but much to my dismay, my children, after reaching school age introduced me to “The Five Second Rule.”  In case you are also be oblivious to it, let me explain.  There is a school of thought that states: food dropped on the floor that is picked up within five seconds will be sanitary enough to ingest without any harm.  The logic is that germs cannot attach to anything in five seconds.  Yes, I know. I’m also uncomfortable with this. But are my children correct?  I want to give them more of an explanation than simply telling them it’s stupid.  I need scientific research.

Posted on: 18 Dec 2014
Posted by: GreenGuru
Corners of Clean: Ammonia and Bleach

If you are choosing a cleaning product there are a myriad of choices, but come down to essentially two different chemicals. Bleach or ammonia. Now we know the golden rule of chemical compounds is DO NOT MIX THESE TWO, but what else do we know? Yes they smell pungent and clean amazingly well. Bleach should neither be used in the bathroom or with darks. Ammonia is predominant in the bathroom due to the previous chemical statement. But what do we know of the origin? The genesis of the two basic chemical cleaners.

Posted on: 21 Nov 2014
Posted by: GreenGuru
Natural Stain Action

We are all afflicted with a clumsy nature, and most of the time it affects our clothing. You make a mistake and spill what you are eating or drinking onto your clothes. There are a myriad of products commercialized for these little accidents, but what do you do if you don’t have any?

Posted on: 07 Nov 2014
Posted by: GreenGuru
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