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Green Cleaning Myths

Common Myth #1: Green Cleaning means I have to work harder and use more time.

Not true at all. Actually, you will spend the same amount of time, if not less, when you use green and non-toxin cleaners. If you purchase your green cleaners the formulas are already tested, tried and ready to be used. Now, if you make your own cleaners you might go through a period of trial and error until you find the right things to use, but once you find your perfect solution, you will be a cleaning machine and move right along just as quickly as you would with harmful commercial chemical cleaning products.

Posted on: 29 Jun 2015
Posted by: GreenGuru
Caring For a Pet Inhabited Home

Pets have so many benefits for humans, – they are companions, provide a sort of therapy, and of course — unconditional love. But what about all that pet hair that seems to collect throughout the house no matter how many times you vacuum? Unless you have a breed of pet that does not have fur or doesn’t shed, then you have experienced the curse of pet hair at some point in your pet-filled life. Pet hair can be quite a pain to deal with. Pet fur seems to stick to everything, especially the furniture, but how can you limit the amount of pet hair throughout the house? Here are some helpful tips that you can try.

Posted on: 27 May 2015
Posted by: GreenGuru
Make Your Own Natural Granite Cleaner

Granite counter tops can add value and elegance to your home, but how on earth do you clean them? First, you want to be sure you use a non-abrasive cleaner. I personally recommend a natural “green” cleaner. Besides being healthier for you and your family, natural  cleaners are better for your granite counter tops, the environment and of course your wallet — making your own cleaner is much cheaper!

Posted on: 19 May 2015
Posted by: GreenGuru
Green Alternatives for Bleach

You always hear about people trying to be more “green” today by doing simple little changes in their daily lives. Whether it be using more natural cleaning products or recycling their old items, no matter what you do there are always ways to be more “green.”

Posted on: 11 May 2015
Posted by: GreenGuru
3 Common Ways Companies Greenwash Products

You have probably taken notice of the excessive amount of “green” products on store shelves. But you might be wondering how so many products, that are clearly chemical-based, sealed in plastic, and shipped via a giant diesel-burning truck could possibly be “green”.

Posted on: 20 Apr 2015
Posted by: GreenGuru
Environmental Cleaning Tips

An increasing number of people are turning to natural methods of cleaning to help protect the environment; there are many different benefits to choosing the environmentally friendly cleaning option such as the less exposure to chemicals and easily affordable natural products.

Posted on: 29 Jan 2015
Posted by: GreenGuru
Why Hiring a Professional to Keep your Floors Clean Matters

It’s extremely important to keep your floors clean in your businesses building or offices, not only because it’s important to keep germs away and have great hygiene in your building, but because you need to make a great impression with any potential clients who walk into the building. Having a clean and well organized working environment shows others that the company cares about the small things in such a big world. One perception that someone would take away from having clean floors is that the employees working for this company also maintain and keep up with their work in a structured environment.

Posted on: 16 Jan 2015
Posted by: GreenGuru
3 Top Business Cleaning Tips

Is your office an absolute state? Are you struggling to see the floor or desk with all that paperwork, lunchtime wrappers and dust? It’s time to get everything spotless.

Untidy offices lead to a lack of productivity. You spend all this time looking at the problem, rather than tackling the work you need to do. So it is time to tackle the mess and then move on from there. Here are three effective business cleaning tips, so it doesn’t have to take all day.

Posted on: 02 Jan 2015
Posted by: GreenGuru
Pondering the Five Second Rule…..

I was originally ignorant to the term; but much to my dismay, my children, after reaching school age introduced me to “The Five Second Rule.”  In case you are also be oblivious to it, let me explain.  There is a school of thought that states: food dropped on the floor that is picked up within five seconds will be sanitary enough to ingest without any harm.  The logic is that germs cannot attach to anything in five seconds.  Yes, I know. I’m also uncomfortable with this. But are my children correct?  I want to give them more of an explanation than simply telling them it’s stupid.  I need scientific research.

Posted on: 18 Dec 2014
Posted by: GreenGuru
Corners of Clean: Ammonia and Bleach

If you are choosing a cleaning product there are a myriad of choices, but come down to essentially two different chemicals. Bleach or ammonia. Now we know the golden rule of chemical compounds is DO NOT MIX THESE TWO, but what else do we know? Yes they smell pungent and clean amazingly well. Bleach should neither be used in the bathroom or with darks. Ammonia is predominant in the bathroom due to the previous chemical statement. But what do we know of the origin? The genesis of the two basic chemical cleaners.

Posted on: 21 Nov 2014
Posted by: GreenGuru
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