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6 Deadly Mixtures of Cleaning Products

Strong cleaning agents are usually made up of harsh chemicals. However, don’t go thinking that if you mix two cleaning agents together, you will get a better cleaning agent.

Posted on: 16 Aug 2013
Posted by: GreenGuru
Three Questionable Dry Cleaning Chemicals

Dry cleaning, when you think about it, is a strange term used to describe the process of dousing clothes in a slurry of oil byproducts. Dry cleaning is not dry at all, and neither is it very clean.

Posted on: 25 Jul 2013
Posted by: GreenGuru
Addictive and Toxic Air Freshners

Everyone has seen the commercials with homeowners spraying every corner of their homes with air fresheners, then taking a deep breath of whatever they just sprayed into the air as if it is an actual breeze of mountain air. Well, what you and these actors might not know is, what they are inhaling so vigorously is in fact not clean or healthy in the least.

Posted on: 08 May 2013
Posted by: GreenGuru
Safer cleaning methods for your home!

Here are some simple, Eco friendly recipes and cleaning methods for you to try at home. Each one uses ingredients that are easy to find around the house – and are very cost effective too!

Posted on: 13 Nov 2012
Posted by: GreenGuru
Household cleaning products are making us sick!

Typical household cleaners are on the top of the list of dangers in our homes. They cause indoor air pollution, which means many of us will suffer from skin, respiratory and eye irritation.

Posted on: 20 Sep 2012
Posted by: GreenGuru
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