3 More Effective Cleaning Agents You Can Make At Home

If you remember from last time. Here are three more awesome cleaners you can make right in your own home!

1) Carpet Stain Cleaner

Carpet stains are the worst. Carpets will absorb almost anything you spill on them. If you spill anything on your carpet, don’t panic and go mix together some vinegar with water, equal parts. Spray your new marvelous mixture on the stain and let it sit for several minutes, and then clean with a brush or sponge with soapy water.

For fresh grease spots, sprinkle cornstarch onto the spot and wait 15-30 minutes before vacuuming.

If you really want to amp up the cleaning power, mix 1/4 cup each fo salt, borax and vinegar. Rub paste into carpet and leave for a few hours. Vacuum afterwards

2) Chopping Block Cleaner

Squish a slice of lemon across a chopping block. This will disinfect the surface. For stubborn stains squeeze some of the lemon juice onto the spot and let is sit for 10 minutes, then wipe.

3) Coffee and Tea Stains

These stains are the ones that you will find inside old coffee mugs. These stains can be removed by soaking a sponge in vinegar and wiping the stained area. To clean a teakettle or coffee maker, much like CLR would do, add 2 cups of water and 1/4 cup vinegar; bring to a boil. Let it cool then wipe with a cloth. Rinse thoroughly with water.

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