6 Deadly Mixtures of Cleaning Products

Strong cleaning agents are usually made up of harsh chemicals. However, don’t go thinking that if you mix two cleaning agents together, you will get a better cleaning agent.

There are a few different mixtures that will produce a strong cleaning agent, however, that mixture will be so harsh it might kill you just to be around it.

One good rule of thumb – If you do not have a PhD in chemistry, don’t mix chemicals you don’t understand with other chemicals you don’t understand.


1) Bleach with Acidic Toilet Bowl Cleaners
A plume of toxic, often deadly fumes will ruin your day/life.

2) Bleach with Vinegar
Don’t mix chlorine bleach with any acid. Chlorine vapor will be produced, which was used in World War 1. Typically, you don’t want to use weapons used in World War 1 to clean your home.

3) Bleach with Ammonia
Once again, potentially lethal vapors are produced. Also, a chemical monster will spawn and terrorize your neighborhood.

4) Different Brands of One Type of Product
Different brands use different chemicals in the same type of product.They may react violently with each other, and you will be in the crossfire.

5) Highly Alkaline Products with Highly Acidic Products
Strong acids and bases can react violently and angrily, causing awkwardness for you. Also, they are caustic and may bubble and splash and give you chemical burns.

6) Certain Disinfectants with Detergents
Don’t mix disinfectants with “quaternary ammonia”. The disinfectant will be neutralized, and some other bad stuff will happen

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