Addictive and Toxic Air Freshners

Everyone has seen the commercials with homeowners spraying every corner of their homes with air fresheners, then taking a deep breath of whatever they just sprayed into the air as if it is an actual breeze of mountain air. Well, what you and these actors might not know is, what they are inhaling so vigorously is in fact not clean or healthy in the least.

In their defense, it does say “FRESH” on the bottle.


What the pretty pictures of mountains and flowers are hiding is highly processed artificial chemicals, lots of them. What the companies manufacturing these products won’t tell you is, some of the chemicals are now considered to be addictive. Have you ever seen that ‘funny’ commercial with the mom spraying bottle after bottle of air freshener and won’t stop? Its not a joke, that mother has a serious problem – she is addicted to air fresheners and it could literally kill her.


Death by Spring Breeze.


If you read the label, the most popular air freshners put warning labels on their products – “…inhaling the contents can be harmful or fatal.” Why would any sane person use an aerosol product that says fatal if inhaled right on it? Do we really need to douse our lungs with mists of complex chemicals to save ourselves the inconvenience of smelling something we should probably just wash or dispose of?

There many healthy alternatives to chemical air fresheners. Like soy-based candles, or you can boil a pot of water with chai tea in it, and your entire house will smell of delicious tea. It will save you your money and your health.

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