Brighter Lights makes for Better People

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In everyday language, people use the terms dark and light as a metaphor to help them describe evil or good.What you might not know is that the brightness of ambient lighting can actually have effects on the brain, and subsequently people’s behavior. According to the study, if people are in well-lit areas, they are more likely to be moral and just good people in general.

“It’s so bright in here… and why are all these people smiling at me?”

Scientists think that when you are in well-lit locations, you unconsciously know that people can see you much better, so you feel like you have to be better behaved. While you are in bright rooms, and even when no one is around, your brain automatically assumes that someone is watching you and everything you do. So you become instantly more moral and well-behaved.

Apparently the opposite is true for dark rooms as well, people in dark rooms feel like they can get away with being immoral. So clearly you don’t want your patrons moving about in the dark! If you hire Go Green for your building maintenance, you won’t ever find a burnt-out bulb in your building, and everyone who enters your facility will be on their best behaviour!

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