Green Windows Bring Wave of Destruction

These days, many consumers are looking for environmentally friendly alternatives. Thanks to this demand, many industries have seen advancements in technology and new products that allow for better sustainability. However, sometimes the fancy new products don’t mix very well with our old system, and occasionally the new fangled green products cause more problems than they …

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Consumer Beware – “Green” Cleaning Products That Are Not Green.

Sometimes cleaning products are “Greenwashed”, which means that they are labeled as “green and “biodegradable”, when in fact, they are not. Marketers know that if you slap the words “green” and “biodegradable” on products and put pretty pictures of plants, people will just assume the product is safe and environmentally friendly without actually reading the ingredients.

Stay Healthy with Touch Point Cleaning

With over 40 years of combined experience in the field of facilities services, We offer our clients top quality cleaning and maintenance services with high standards, and we are committed to only using environmentally friendly cleaning products. Read more below to learn about touch point cleaning, and why keeping your spaces clean is important to …

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