Acids – Part One

Acid cleaners may sound scary but that’s just horror movies clouding the subject. We use acids every day and don’t even know it – we even ingest them so they can’t all be bad especially if we’re using them to clean our homes. Mild acidic cleaners are primarily used to dissolve hard water deposits, remove …

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Go Green this Holiday Season

The Christmas holiday season means festive parties, elaborate decorations and presents under the tree. Post-Christmas season means cleaning up the gift wrapping, throwing away the tree and packing up the decorations. If you take a more eco-friendly vision into your decorating and party planning you can enjoy the holidays while reducing your environmental footprint.

How to Make Your House Smell Nice (Without Synthetic Scents)

People are crazy about making their homes smell good. The home fragrance industry was almost $5.6 billion in the US in 2012, according to a New Jersey research firm. The problem? There is some question about the toxicity of some of the more popular air fresheners, candles, and home fragrance lines. Some studies suggest these …

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