Spiders can be great. They eat insects and keep away the mosquitoes and flies. They can also be a bit creepy. For instance, when an eight-legged creepy crawler surprises you in the corner of your shower, it’s not exactly the most pleasant experience. But I digress. The real topic at hand here is about the …

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Great Green Cleaning for Shower Soap Scum

There are tons of cleaners on the market today that boast quick and effortless ways to clean, but have you ever wondered how those cleaners are able to be so effortless and quick? It is because most commercial cleaning products are filled with chemicals, which are pretty toxic not only to humans, but pets and our environment as well. Did you know you can get the same type of clean, if not better by using natural or “green” cleaning products and a little elbow grease. Let’s be honest you will have to put a little effort in when you use “green” cleaners because they aren’t filled with metal eating chemicals that could strip a car of its paint in 30 seconds.

How Often Lightbulbs Last and When to Change Them

There are few things more annoying than a lightbulb flickering out when you switch it on — a lot of people aren’t prepared for it, and they often don’t keep spares But by spotting the signs of a fading light bulb, and being prepared with spares, you never need to be without light again.

Stocking up The Custodial Closet

Whether you employ a janitorial and custodial service, or you are responsible for the cleanliness, the hygiene and the safety of your own work environment, you’ll want to make sure that your workplace is stocked with these essential cleaning items:

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