Clean Smells Make People Generous

When you walk into a building and the first thing you smell is a hint of lemon, you probably assume you are entering a clean and well looked after place. Everyone enjoys the fresh, clean smell of citrus. However, we bet you didn’t know some recent studies have proven that this seemingly insignificant effect actually has measurable effects on people’s mood and behavior.  

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Hmm, a hint of citrus. I should buy a boat.

Smell is strongly associated with memory, so when you smell citrus or other similar smells mimicked by cleaning agents, your brain immediately remembers past times of using and smelling lemony cleaning products in recently cleaned places. The smell of lemon and other cleaning products has a multitude of effects on the brain and people’s actions. In the study, participants who were exposed to lemon and other ‘clean’ scents were much more likely to make more ethical and considerate choices.

Ethical and considerate people are often the ones who are the most generous. In the study, participants were much more likely to give away more of their resources if they were in a room that smelled clean. In business words, people are more likely to give away their money.

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And here’s $100 just because I love lemon drops.

It is common sense that properly maintaining a clean facility is essential to receiving respect and trust from customers, but not only that, the smell of clean is quietly brainwashing them (See what we did there?). Let us keep your facility clean and smelling great, and according to science, your customers will be more inclined to flip open their wallet with a smile.


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