Environmental Cleaning Tips

An increasing number of people are turning to natural methods of cleaning to help protect the environment; there are many different benefits to choosing the environmentally friendly cleaning option such as the less exposure to chemicals and easily affordable natural products.

There are four main products that the householder can’t afford to be without if they want an inexpensive way of keeping the house clean.

White vinegar

White vinegar can be used to clean numerous surfaces and it is also good at eliminating odours that aren’t easy to shift. You can use white vinegar to polish windows and floors, clean the microwave or oven, or to clean the toilet, shower and sink. In addition, Its disinfectant properties make it useful for cleaning kitchen surfaces and chopping boards. Before using white vinegar it is best to mix it with equal parts water although some people use it neat depending on the strength of cleanser that they want.

Baking soda

Baking soda makes a great all-purpose household cleaning product. It can be used to help unblock drains, as an oven cleaner, for reducing the odours from bins, cat litter trays, or the fridge and for cleaning kitchen units. The best way to apply baking soda for cleaning is to mix into a paste with cold water; it can also be used in this way to help remove ingrained stains.


The citric acid in lemon makes it an extremely effective, natural household cleanser and it makes it a great alternative to polish. Use it when you want to add some shine to door handles, to polish the floor or the kitchen units and for helping to ensure that food preparation surfaces are kept disinfected.

As lemon is good at cutting grease it can also be used as an effective dish cleanser or for helping to scrub clean difficult to wash oven dishes. Lemon is known for its bleaching effects so it can also be used as an effective stain remover although you need to consider that it can act as a corrosive so it is not suitable for all surfaces.

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide has numerous uses around the house. It can be used to ensure that surfaces are kept clean and disinfected due to its anti-viral and antibacterial qualities and it’s an effective solution for cleaning ingrained carpet stains.   By mixing it with hot water you can make an effective floor cleaner.

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