Go Green Facilities: Washroom Hygiene

For several  years, Go Green Facilities has been working in the industry and tirelessly finding ways to make their cleaning supplies and procedures environmentally friendly. Both private and public facilities have been receiving quality janitorial services from Go Green for decades.

The unmatched efficiency, safety, and plain skill of the Go Green staff and team has earned it a reputation as the cleanest, greenest, most efficient janitorial service companies today. Go Green Facilities offers a laundry-list of great services designed to keep your building or office clean. Washroom hygiene is one of the most important services they provide. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of washroom hygiene and how Go Green caters to this necessity.

Washroom Hygiene

The washroom is an important area in every building and home. In public washrooms there are sinks, toilets, baby-changing stations, trashcans, and lots of water around. In private washrooms, there are toilets, sinks, showers, tubs, soap dishes, and sometimes hampers. With these many factors existing in any given washroom, it has the potential to be incredibly germy. Of course, a germy and unkempt washroom could lead to illness, mildew, mold, water damage, and other problems that can threaten the health of those who frequent the facility. Since this room is both popular and necessary, it is important to keep it clean, fresh, and in order. Go Green Facilities janitorial services offers washroom hygiene services because they know the importance of a sparkling clean washroom for health, presentation, and even impressions.

Hygiene Procedures

Go green Facilities only uses the cleanest and greenest products to uphold washroom hygiene. Most sprays and cleaners used to tackle the ordinary washroom include harsh chemicals that are strong smelling, harsh on the environment, and dangerous for human use. The professionally trained janitorial staff at Go Green Facilities follows the highest industry standards and tackles the worst messes with rigorous safety and security procedures and practices. With strictly green friendly chemicals, they can do away with mold and mildew that may exist on tile in the washroom, dirty sponges, unclean toilet bowls, soap scum and stains on soap dishes and around the sink, and anywhere else mold and germs can ferment and grow.

The Importance of Washroom Hygiene

A lot goes on in the washroom. Bodily fluids, dirt and grime can exist there at any given time, and if left unattended, such liquids and substances can be harmful to other. Virulent germs and bacterium can exist everywhere in a dirty washroom from the floors and door handles to the toilet seats, sink bowels, and even your cleaning products.

When a washroom gets out of hand, Go Green Facilities steps in. They can get the job done quickly, efficiently, and with gentle but hard-working environmentally friendly products that can rid the washroom of contaminants while staying safe for users.

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