Green Cleaning Myths

Common Myth #1: Green Cleaning means I have to work harder and use more time.

Not true at all. Actually, you will spend the same amount of time, if not less, when you use green and non-toxin cleaners. If you purchase your green cleaners the formulas are already tested, tried and ready to be used. Now, if you make your own cleaners you might go through a period of trial and error until you find the right things to use, but once you find your perfect solution, you will be a cleaning machine and move right along just as quickly as you would with harmful commercial chemical cleaning products.

Common Myth #2: Green cleaners don’t work as well.

What green cleaners do not do as well is strip your furniture or counter surfaces of their finish, what green cleaners do not do is harm your respiratory system and cause chemical burns on your hands if you forget your gloves. Green cleaners work just as well as chemical fill cleaners, in fact, they tend to work better. With the way society is jumping on the “Go Green” bandwagon, companies making green cleaning products have perfected their formulas to clean better by using only natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals and toxins.

Common Myth #3: The government regulates the chemicals used and our government looks out for us.

The Canadian government does very little to protect us on this issue, even though technically that is their job and responsibility. In today’s society where power and money rule, the agencies in charge of keeping harmful things off the market could care less because those harmful chemical filled cleaners and GMO foods are making a huge profit for those companies and government agencies. They are not thinking about the effect the fumes might have on your children or how the residue that goes down the drain will effect out environment as a whole. That is why we as citizens must look out for ourselves, our families and environment, because face it, we are the only ones who care.

Common Myth #4: Using green products costs more, and I am on a tight budget.

Using green products maybe do cost a little more, maybe they don’t, it all depends on what you use and where you shop. Just like every other product out there you can find cheap ways to purchase them. I know people will spend $10 on a package of toilet paper but refuse to spend $3 on a bottle of dish soap that will keep their family healthy, safe and protect the environment. If you are on a really tight budget, you can make your own cleaners with some very common and cheap ingredients. Vinegar and water is a popular solution for cleaning and you can pick up a gallon of vinegar for less than $3 at most stores. If you like the fresh scent of cleaning products, try adding essential oils to your cleaners. Essential oils serve two purposes. First, they make the cleaning solution smell good and the health benefits of the oil you choose will be good for the whole family.


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