Over-Sanitizing Leads to Weak Immune Systems

There are many benefits to working and living in a clean environment. However, there is such a thing as over-cleaning, and recent studies have shown that it seems to have some negative health effects. Specifically, the development of allergies in children and generally weaker immune systems.

The theory is that an incredibly clean and sanitized homes have substantially less germs for children to be exposed to. Thus, their immune systems become weakened.


Paradoxically, the cleanest homes might be the unhealthiest homes.

When immune systems are not allowed to get stronger, they become sensitized. For reasons unknown, sensitive immune systems are linked with extreme nut allergy, which can lead to severe reactions and even death.


As a bonus, children are less work if you never clean them.

In the past 20 years, the number of British children with nut allergies has doubled. The increase is mostly in middle-class families.

Having a clean facility to run your business is fundamental. You can keep your home tidy, but you don’t have to disinfect every surface and every child. Let kids be kids – there is a reason they are shoving handfuls of dirt in their mouths and slobbering on everything.

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