Stocking up The Custodial Closet

Whether you employ a janitorial and custodial service, or you are responsible for the cleanliness, the hygiene and the safety of your own work environment, you’ll want to make sure that your workplace is stocked with these essential cleaning items:

Chemicals – disinfectants, sanitizers, bathroom cleaners, detergents and degreasers are some of the most essential items that every workplace needs for basic hygiene. For specialist cleaning, you might also want to consider stocking products for cleaning glass, and rust and lime scale removers. If you can, choose environmentally friendly products; there are several highly recommended brands on the market.

Wipes – you’ll need a variety of these for different purposes. The wipes can either be wet or dry, and they should be antibacterial if you want to effectively fight germs. Consider stocking antibacterial wipes for the staff to use on their hands, and for mopping computer keyboards, desks and door handles, as they all carry a lot of bacteria.

Cloths – a range of disposals cloths are important for good workplace hygiene. Don’t allow them to get too dirty, or you are just spreading the germs around the work premises. Dispose of them before they collect too much dust and dirt.

Mops and Buckets – every workplace should have one of these so spills can be cleaned up instantly before they have time to dry and stick to the floor, which could cause a slip hazard for staff.

Dustpan and Brush – choose a compact dustpan and brush set for the custodial closet so you can quickly brush away any dust and dirt that might accumulate on the floors during the course of the working day, or use it to tidy up when a breakage occurs.

Floor care – a clean floor gives a great first impression to visitors. Make sure you select the right type of cleaners for the floor, otherwise it could cause damage if the chemicals aren’t suitable for your floor type.

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