3 Foods that are Strangely Good at Cleaning

Most people assume that you have to clean things with, you know, cleaning supplies. Those people are what we like to call wrong. More than that, most people assume that food usually makes your appliances dirty. However, strangely enough, sometimes you can clean appliances with food.

1) Coffee Grounds Removes Fridge Odours

That’s right, you can clean your fridge with coffee. Sure, its strange. Sure, you guests might ask you why you keep coffee grounds in the fridge, but at least they won’t smell that rotting hunk of steak you forgot about.


If you forgot to eat a steak, you probably have more important issues than fridge odours.

Simply place the coffee grounds, new or used, in a bowl in the fridge. Replace it every two months or so.

2) Clean a Toilet with Coke

Ah Coke, the infamously unhealthy and superbly delicious ageless drink. Don’t take this the wrong way and assume coke has toilet cleaning chemicals in it. However, we do give you permission to make that joke to your friends.

friends laughing

Solely because its not funny at all. We copyright all of our funny jokes.

Anyway, coke is so acidic that it can break down your nasty toilet crusties. Just pour a couple liters of coke into your toilet, and let it sit there for a couple hours before dramatically flushing it. Don’t let your dog drink the coke form the toilet, dogs explode when they are given caffeine.

3) Clean Paintings with Bread

If you are like us and you have thousands of dollars worth of original modern art in your home, you might be looking for an gentle way of cleaning it so you may impress your pretentious friends. This is where bread comes in. First, cut the crust off.


Just look at it, its disgusting.

Plus, crust is all crusty and weird. Once you cut the crust off, squish the bread into a sticky ball of bread. Then gently dab the painting with your weird bread ball. This will remove dust and grime from the painting, use a pastry brush to get rid of bread crumbs. If you don’t want to waste the bread ball, You can then put some cheese on it and feed it to your kid or something.



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