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We collect website analytics and traffic data to understand how visitors are using the site and to help us understand how to make the site better for you. We use Google Analytics which shares the information with Google (who already knows everything) and we share the information with our marketing agency to help determine the effectiveness of our online marketing campaigns. No other company will use your information and we will not share it outside of our immediate business.

What We Collect:

We count contact form submissions and track whether you came from paid advertising or organically through a web search.

If you provide us with personal details in these contact forms, that data is sent by email and is not stored in analytics.

As you browse our site, our web server logs each request and stores your IP. This is not used in the Analytics reports and is only used to help protect our web servers from hacking or malicious users (and from time to time to help us troubleshoot site errors).

If you do not want to be tracked at all, there is an option in most modern browsers that enables a “Do Not Track” feature. This will prevent us from collecting almost all information about your visit. If you would like to prevent us from recording your IP address, you are free to use a VPN service.

Contact us if you have any questions about your privacy at:


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