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Edmonton’s Green Cleaning Experts

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Welcome to Go Green, your premier choice for sustainable cleaning and comprehensive facility maintenance services in Edmonton.


Your Partner for Eco-Friendly Cleaning


At GoGreen, we redefine janitorial services by seamlessly blending unparalleled cleanliness with an unwavering commitment to environmental preservation.

Our mission is clear - to provide you with the highest quality cleaning solutions while actively contributing to a sustainable future.

Your Partner for Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Delivery Process

With each service, we go beyond cleanliness. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards, ensuring that every space we touch exudes excellence.

GoGreen goes beyond the ordinary, implementing cutting-edge practices that not only clean but contribute to a healthier planet.

Your Partner for Eco-Friendly Cleaning



Go Green provides comprehensive, green cleaning solutions for commercial spaces, enhancing your business environment and customer experience.

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Safe and sustainable cleaning services for educational institutions by Go Green, creating healthy learning environments for students and staff.

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Go Green's industrial cleaning services ensure clean, compliant, and efficient operations with environmentally responsible cleaning practices.

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Go Green's institutional cleaning services provide safe and sustainable solutions for government and public facilities, ensuring clean and healthy environments.

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Enhance guest experiences with Go Green's hospitality cleaning services, offering sustainable solutions for hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

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Go Green's healthcare cleaning services prioritize safety and hygiene, using non-toxic products to maintain clean and healthy medical facilities.

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Keep recreational facilities inviting and clean with Go Green's eco-conscious cleaning services, from gyms to public parks and community centers.

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Your Partner for Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Benefits of Tech

At GoGreen, our passionate team is at the forefront of leveraging the market‘s best technology to deliver high-quality results. We believe in the power of technology not only to achieve cleanliness but also to enhance accountability – accountability to you and accountability to the environment.

With our tech-driven approach, you can trust that your space is spotless and managed with the utmost care.

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At Go Green, we’re not just a cleaning company. We’re your partners in creating a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable environment for your business in Edmonton.

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