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Edmonton’s Green Cleaning Experts

Integrated Facility Services

Welcome to Go Green, your premier choice for sustainable cleaning and comprehensive facility maintenance services in Edmonton.

Your Partner for Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Custom Solutions

At GoGreen, we understand that one size does not fit all. That`s why we offer more than just basic cleaning services. Our commitment to excellence extends to providing custom solutions designed to meet your unique needs.

Elevate your expectations and choose GoGreen for bespoke solutions that go above and beyond.

Your Partner for Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Integrated Facility Services

Disinfection and Sanitary Processing

Ensuring the safety and hygiene of your space with advanced disinfection and sanitary processing methods.

Commercial Floor Cleaning

Professional floor cleaning services for commercial properties, including deep cleaning, polishing, and surface restoration.

Outdoor Building Maintenance

Comprehensive outdoor building maintenance services: cleaning, repairing, and maintaining the aesthetic appearance of your premises.

Your Partner for Eco-Friendly Cleaning

For Whom It's Suitable

GoGreen services are specifically crafted to cater to the needs of clients who operate large facilities, spanning over 500,000 square feet, with numerous employees and multiple locations.

Our expertise is particularly beneficial for those who prefer a streamlined approach from a single provider. We also have ample experience adhering to building codes and other regulations.


Facilities spanning over 500K sq. ft. with numerous employees and locations.


Favor a streamlined contract with a single provider.


Seek to oversee and measure performance for efficient and dependable operations.


Require adherence to building codes.

Your Partner for Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Contact Us For Custom Solutions for Your Facility

Ready to transform your cleaning experience? Get in touch with GoGreen today to discover tailored janitorial solutions that elevate cleanliness while prioritizing sustainability. Our team is dedicated to providing services that go beyond expectations.

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Your Partner for Eco-Friendly Cleaning

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