3 Old Fashioned Cleaning Tips

Modern times dictate that intense cleaning rituals are necessary to maintain high standards of health. We have resorted to heavy toxic chemicals that often have more adverse effects on our health than the dirt itself. Getting back to nature as well as simply using more delicate cleaning supplies can still accomplish a thorough cleaning job while presenting with benefits to your health. After all, nature provides everything we need for survival. Let’s take a look at some common natural options for everyday cleaning use.

Anyone with kids knows that the floors are the first to gather all the outdoor dirt. The floors are also the first place a child is usually found playing. Mothers everywhere struggle daily to keep their kids hands clean. Whatever the floor is cleaned with is bound to come in contact with your children and pets.

A natural floor cleaner is easy to make and will give you some peace of mind about your kids safety. The ingredients are as follows

-Washing Soda ¼ cup
-Soap flakes ½ cup
-Salt 1 cup
-Water 2 cups
-Essential Oil (Pine or other preference) 2 teaspoons

The washing soda adds grease fighting power and the salt adds a scrubbing element. Mix the soap flakes, salt and water and heat over the stove on low heat until it dissolves. Allow the mix to cool before adding the essential oil and stir until mixed well. The use of 2-3 tablespoons in a bucket of water filled halfway with hot water should be sufficient to clean a large area. After the process, a final rinse with vinegar and water will finish off the job. Mix 1 cup of vinegar to half a bucket of water. All the items used are natural and much safer for your family than the toxic chemicals found in many store bought cleaners.

Toilets are apt to form rings in short periods of time, making it a race to keep away the grime. There is a simple solution that takes very little time and will have your toilet fresh in no time. The mixture literally works while you sleep. Add the cleaner in the evening to your toilet and scrub away unsightly buildup in the morning.
-Borax 1 cup
-White Vinegar ½ cup

These ingredients do not need to be mixed. The Borax should be applied around the toilet bowl and then the vinegar as well. This can sit overnight and a brush used in the morning to finish the job. This is a much safer option than the commonly used methods.

One of the most difficult and invasive cleaning tasks is the oven. The fumes from common oven cleaners are bad for you, and inhaling them is inevitable. There is a much easier and safer solution to get your oven back in shape and ready for those home cooked meals. You will need:

-Baking Soda, 1 box
– Washing Soda ¼ cup

The procedure for using this method to clean your oven requires that you wet the surfaces needing cleaning with a washcloth. The Baking and Washing Soda mixture needs to be distributed on the wet surfaces. This should be done twice before leaving the oven to sit with the cleaner on it overnight. Salt can be added the next morning for extra scrubbing power. After scrubbing, a wipe down with water to rinse away the solution is all you need to do.

These natural cleaning solutions will have your home clean and fresh in no time, while keeping your family safe from unnecessary chemicals. Just reach back into a simpler time to stay healthy and breathe easy. Modern solutions are not always the best. Your grandparents had it right all along!

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