Drinkable Cleaning Product

There is a new green cleaning product line in town, and its called EcoLogic. EcoLogic is by far one of the greenest cleaning product lines since the dawn of the lemon itself. Get this – EcoLogic’s green cleaning products are so excessively green that you can straight up drink them.

Although they may not taste like lemonade, they are apparently completely safe to drink. The CEO of the company is so sure that his products are the safest and greenest cleaning products around that he will actually just drink a cup of any of his cleaning products right in front of you.

The owner was actually on a TV Show once and drank his own product right on national television. His company has won the “Environmental Quality Award”, which is only reserved for companies that show outstanding commitment to prosecuting and enhancing environmental quality and public health.

So the next time you are looking to pick up a cleaning product, take a look around and see if you can find yourself some EcoLogic. Then when you have company over the next time you can impress/disgust them as you drink cleaning liquid.

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