Green Windows Bring Wave of Destruction

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These days, many consumers are looking for environmentally friendly alternatives. Thanks to this demand, many industries have seen advancements in technology and new products that allow for better sustainability. However, sometimes the fancy new products don’t mix very well with our old system, and occasionally the new fangled green products cause more problems than they solve.

For example, energy efficient windows are designed to save money by reflecting the sun’s rays and keeping the inside of the house cool, which can prevent people from needed to fire up their energy-monster of an air conditioner.

The windows work very well in a closed environment, but when you start installing them on houses in neighbourhoods in the city, they work a little too well.

See, the windows reflect the sunlight so efficiently that it turns the sun rays into a concentrated beam of scoring destruction. These beams are then projected onto nearby homes, and well, houses aren’t normally built to withstand what is effectively a high temperature laser. The windows are very convenient for those living in the house, but rather inconvenient for those whose houses get melted by concentrated beams of star radiation. But then again, 33% of homes are made of plastic.

Right now, siding companies are having legal battles with the green window companies because many customers are activating their vinyl siding warranty, because the warranty covers “heat damage”.

melted house

Just don’t tell them it was actually a house-sized magnifying glass that provided the heat.

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