How Green are “Green” Products Actually?

Consumers and businesses alike are now turning to green products so they can ensure they are doing their bit for the environment. However, there is still little regulation over some terms such as eco-friendly, so how do you know how green the product you intend buying is? This article will help to provide a guide.

Examine the packaging

Some companies will label a product green but they might not be able to back up these claims when you look a bit closer. Take a moment to carefully examine the label to see if the manufacturer can back up its green credentials, and don’t be afraid to speak to the customer services department to find out more about their claims.

Look the certifications

A sure sign a product is truly green is a certification label. As explains the common certifications to look out for include the Eco logo on Canadian products, and the Forest stewardship Council logo, which can be found on paper and wood products.

Do some research

if you have time, rather than just picking up a product because it claims to be eco-friendly or completely natural, take a moment to find out more about the company online, and see if they can support the claims that the products are truly green.

Look out for “natural” labels

A variety of products are labelled as natural, however, if the consumer takes a closer look at them they will find a number of synthetic additives have been added to the product.  Don’t just go by the words on the label – read the ingredients.

Be careful of vague terms

Companies will sometimes use vague terms when they advertise their goods. Don’t be fooled by labels that claim they are eco-friendly or green, instead look at the ingredients and look for more specific terms like organic.

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