The Importance of Fall Cleaning

Spring cleaning is the most common argot to thorough cleaning we commonly use. It is stressed as the proverbial epitome of cleanliness, but heralds itself as a psychosomatic placebo. The entire process is for catharsis for the individual to get ready for the fun of spring and summer. We clean all the time, and yet for some reason contemplate spring as the primary season for cleaning. To what end? What are specific reasons for this?

The truth is spring cleaning is an archaic statement used for a practice of clearing out the refuse of huddled winters and chimney smoke. To reawaken the kitchen from serving cured meats to experience the freshness of harvests and fresh kills. Yet still we adhere to this concept as if we are pioneers not staring into our smartphones and computers. Not visiting fast-food restaurants constantly. As if we are drowned in soot and need the capacity for cleaning fresh kills.

In our new society the most logical time to legitimately do a thorough scrub is fall. Now you are probably thinking that this is no better than spring, but prepare to be disabused. The primary aspect is the fact that viruses propagate constantly during cold weather. Getting a head start on sanitizing your house and winter clothes gives you a defense. That fact alone should be enough to convince you, but for the obstinate amongst the conformists let us continue.

The most logical reason is due to the holidays are rampant in the winter season. No other seasons see as many congregations of people inside of homes. There are two possibilities that provide logic for maintaining a cleaning frenzy during fall. The first possibility is that there will be multiple people inside your house and getting a head start on a deep clean will be better for all parties involved. The latter possibility is that you will be traveling and returning to your home later. There is nothing better than coming home to a clean environment. If this simple logic is not swaying then the final thought should provide a prolific insight.

Bugs- lots and lots of bugs. Creepy crawly disease infested bugs running rampant everywhere in your house. When the air fools outside they seek the inner warmth of your home. Typically during the winter an influx of infestations happen due to this simple aspect. Doing a thorough cleaning allows for a base clean that will not entice these creatures. This simple act could help alleviate the eventual tirade of pestilence that will assault your house. Pesticides are still necessary and luckily we live in an age overflowing with natural pesticides.

We must at all times assimilate and adapt to the ever viscous nature that is humanity. Adhering to such an archaic thought-form is only regressive in nature. Logic is the pursuit of truth devoid of all precepts and social doctrines according to Socrates. In retrospective the exaggeration of spring cleaning is merely a grip upon surrealistic superstition. As time changes we must as well.

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