Natural Stain Action

We are all afflicted with a clumsy nature, and most of the time it affects our clothing. You make a mistake and spill what you are eating or drinking onto your clothes. There are a myriad of products commercialized for these little accidents, but what do you do if you don’t have any?

You wake up groggy and the first thing you will typically do after a shower is brush your teeth. Say you spill some on your shirt and dab it off with water. Its fine now right? Yes…. For about twenty minutes until you get in public and it gets all white and crusty. The good news is if you act quickly you can get it out for good and continue with your day worry free. Its very simple- soap and water. Dab a little soap on the afflicted area and add a splash of water. Rub the fabric together and then ran with water to rinse. Easy as that and you can carry on worry free.

Now let’s say you’re having an extremely clumsy day. You are sitting there waking up drinking your coffee, and you spill some. On your work clothes and you have to leave in ten minutes. Do not fret. Calmly grab some vinegar, baking soda, or rubbing alcohol. Apply to the stain and dab out. Now if you don’t happen to have any of these remember vinegar can be substituted with lemon juice, and baking soda with salt. You can substitute rubbing alcohol with vodka, but you may not want to spend the day with vodka on your clothes. Either way apply and dab to rinse.

You are almost out the door and you realize when putting on your shirt you got deodorant on it. Again take a second to breathe. Simply rub the fabric together lightly and the deodorant should adhere to itself and come right of. For resilient deodorant marks add salt for power.

Fruit juice
Let’s say you don’t drink coffee in the morning, you’re a juice man. Even still you’re clumsy. You spill and start to panic, but you needn’t worry. If you’re at home shampoo will easily allow you to clean it out. If not baking soda will react with the acid and bubble out with water. If you don’t have access to these use some salt, allow it to absorb, scrape it off, and then rinse with water dabbing dry.

Alright resuming the clumsy philosophy, let’s say you scrape your hand against something and get cut. No big worry it’s only a scratch, but your shirt is reflecting Crimson. If you have toothpaste available use this and then remove it how we stated earlier. If it’s a white colored shirt use peroxide to boil it out. If you don’t have any of these a simple mixture of warm water and salt will do the trick. Even meat tenderizer will work if you don’t have salt.

Now you’re having lunch– a nice chili dog or hamburger– and take a nice bite. Out plops a mixture of grease and sauce. Again no need to worry. Simply remove the excess and douse with some table salt then scrape and dab with water. If you happen to have baby powder on you that will work just as well.

Red Wine
Now you’re home and having a night cap. Keeping with the model of today you spill your red wine. Now we all know to use club soda, but what to do when none is around? It’s the effervescence you need. A mixture of peroxide and soap for whites and salt and soap for darks. Then you are good as new.

No matter how hard you try you’re going to have accidents and create messes. The trick is to calm down and take an assessment of the damage and what you have available. Vinegar and lemon juice mix well with baking soda and salt for stain removers. Peroxide is excellent for whites and combining that with soap is perfect for whites. Shampoo is just as good as liquid laundry detergents and perfect to use manually. If you need to absorb excessive grease salt, baby powder, or meat tenderizer will do wonders. Remember the key is to act fast and as always dab to rinse and dry.

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