Window Cleaning 101

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Though many of us (okay, most of us) don’t worry about washing our windows too often, we believe that it is important to know some facts and tips for a good and thorough window cleaning. We may not realise it often, but windows are an important part of our lives, and who doesn’t want to gaze out into our beautiful world with squeaky clean windows! Nothing dampens that beautiful sunset like a giant smudge or streak in the middle of your window. This post should give you some great information about how, when, and why to wash your windows!

Time of year

While it’s good to clean your windows all year round, the most important time of the year to clean them is in the spring. There’s always a lot of buildup of dirt and grime from the fall and winter months, and hey – they don’t call it spring cleaning for nothing!
Time of day

In the morning, when the weather is generally coolest makes for the best time of day to wash your windows, and on an overcast day is a prime condition! The hot sunlight will time and time again dry up your cleaning solution, leading to streaks (and probably headaches too). Overcast skies will give you ample light to see what you’re doing, but it won’t make you rush to get the job done!

It’s also important to wash your windows when you have plenty of time. It’s a lot of work sometimes, and no one wants to leave mid-cleaning and have half cleaned windows.

How to clean your windows

Also be aware of any things like water restrictions in your neighborhood  Make sure you ration your water usage (the planet will thank you) and use cleaning solutions that will be non-hazardous to your lawn. Here’s a great and simple cleaning solution that you can make at home to clean green:

  • soft bristle brush
  • protective gloves
  • spray bottle
  • 1 part water to every ½ to 1 part white vinegar
  • 1 or two squirts of mild dish detergent in mixture for stubbornly dirty windows
  • newspaper or a squeegee for drying


  1. Mix water and vinegar into spray bottle
  2. While wearing gloves, spray windows thoroughly
  3. Use brush to scrub away tough grime – but be careful not to scrub too hard and damage the paint on the window frames
  4. Rinse with clean water and dry with squeegee or newspaper

Why is it important to clean your windows?

You might think that its merely cosmetic, but it’s a lot more than that! Yes, it can spiffy up a house in a couple of hours, add value and curb appeal – but not washing your windows can actually lead to damage! Too much dirt buildup can lead to chipping paint and damaged framing. Washing your windows will also give you time to do quick inspections to make sure there are no cracks or other damage on and around your windows – potentially saving a lot of money!

When washing your windows, and doing any other outside projects, always remember to consider the environmental impact of the work you are doing. Look for healthy alternatives to harsh chemical cleaning solutions, and try to limit your water usage. Now, go and enjoy that sunset through your beautiful clean windows!

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