Your Nose Doesn’t Know

So you use air fresheners, sprays, deodorizers, plugins, candles, and all the like. You come home to a neat house and take a deep breath relishing in the smell. Flowers or incense, the smell of freshness and cleanliness. You sigh thinking to yourself, now this is a clean house! Do you know what else you are breathing in along with that delicious smell? Germs- you are deeply inhaling germs and bacteria.

The truth about all these air fresheners and deodorizers is that they only hide the filth of germs and bacteria. That sweet smell is nothing more than a masking agent or inhibitor. Meant merely to cover up the smell of dirtiness and to delude you into thinking that your home is clean. Even the air fresheners that claim to neutralize odors are misleading. Yes they neutralize odors, but only the smell and not the source. They lie to your nose and mislead you into thinking everything is clean.

Now let’s do a paradigm shift. You walk in to your house and the first thing that assaults you is the foul odor. It’s time to clean apparently. From top to bottom and hours you sweat and work. You stand back and survey your work with pride. Take another deep breath and all you smell is the cleaning products you used. Chemicals that eradicate germs and produce a nice healthy environment. Now this is clean right?
The truth is the overflow of chemical smells may be more hazardous than germs and bacteria. Germs get you sick, but chemicals can poison your body. The chemical smell does not mean “clean” it just simply means there are no germs. The presence of the chemical aromas merely mean you have replaced the hazards of one for the hazards of another.

I know what you’re thinking- wait then, what does clean actually smell like? The truth is clean doesn’t have a smell. There should be no masking agent or chemical perfume involved in cleaning. Clean should have no smell and be pristine. A lack of odor both foul and sweet denotes a clean atmosphere. Chemicals are thoroughly involved in either eradicating or masking the odors of germs.

Then what are we supposed to use? Well I’m glad you asked mystery person. There are a cornucopia of cleaning agents that are chemical and odor free. Advocated as good for the environment, but even more beneficial for you. Think about it, if it’s good for the environment wouldn’t that directly reflect upon you? You benefit just as much as the environment from these natural cleaners.

We have come a long way from swilling our morning urine in our mouth, to a world rife with natural products. Duped as we are by the media we assume that clean should smell sweet or chemical based. The truth is clean doesn’t have a smell, and that’s what makes it clean. Not that I have anything against air fresheners as I use them myself. When it comes to cleaning though, clean first without chemicals and then add perfume for nasal pleasure.

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